MIKE TAYLOR has worked most of his adult life for Elsevier. The first twelve years were spent working in book publishingFor the last three years, he has worked in the research and development group, Elsevier Labs, where he has tackled such diverse areas as question and answering technology, hypothesis classification and extraction, co-authorship networks and research identity (more)

GUDMUNDUR A. THORISSON Before starting postgraduate studies in the UK in 2006, Gudmundur spent 5 years as a scientific programmer at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, New York (http://www.cshl.edu), working on various bioinformatics projects, including data management for the International HapMap project (http://www.hapmap.org). (more)

MARTIN FENNER is one of the organizers of the Science Online London conference and is a member of the ORCID Board, and Chair of the ORCID Outreach Working Group. He believes that open standards that enable collaboration between people and software tools will make the internet a friendlier and more productive place for science and scientists (more)

THOMAS KRICHEL works in the area of digital libraries for scholarly communication. His main claim to fame is the creation of the RePEc digital library for economics. He is working on two projects, ARIW and AuthorClaim that extend fundamental concepts coming from RePEc to all disciplines. He has created the Open Library Society to support this work. Since January 2001, he has taught in the Palmer School of Library and Information Science at Long Island University (more)

AKHAT A. NABIULLIN since 1995 has been a head of Scientific Information Services at the Pacific Oceanological Institute. His current research interests include the design of scholarly digital repositories, scientific research evaluation, bibliometric analysis of natural and social sciences (more)

JANIFER GATENBY manages metadata and standards related projects at OCLC in Leiden. She leads the team that is creating and hosting the ISNI database and assignment system and was a member of the working group that created the ISO standard and of the NISO Institutional Identifier (I2) group. She is also working on bibliographic identifier projects with OCLC teams in Ohio (more)

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