Janifer Gatenby

JANIFER GATENBY manages metadata and standards related projects at OCLC in Leiden. She leads the team that is creating and hosting the ISNI database and assignment system and was a member of the working group that created the ISO standard and of the NISO Institutional Identifier (I2) group. She is also working on bibliographic identifier projects with OCLC teams in Ohio.

She has been involved in the development of many International Standards, including protocol enquiry: ISO 23950:1998 information retrieval (Z39.50), the implementors’ group called ZIG and SRU; update protocol: SRU record update; delivery protocols: ISO Holdings Schema (ISO 20775), and OpenURL Request Transfer Message; and identifier standards: International Standard Name Identifier (ISO 27729) and the International Collection Identifier (ISO 27730) .

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